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   This app has three main screens: screen to view and edit tree, screen to save and open tree and screen to import and export tree. Right-most button on the bottom of each screen switches screens. Each screen has different set of buttons:

Family Tree
Screen to view and edit tree has zoom in and zoom out buttons, button to modify person’ information and button to modify tree itself.

Family Tree
Screen to save and open tree has the button to create new family tree, button to save current tree in app repository on your phone and button to open one of the already existing in app repository tree.

Family Tree
Screen to import and export tree has two corresponding buttons. Exporting family tree converts it to the file readable by other our Family Tree Designers listed here. You import or export family tree from or to the external storage like SD card or USB flash or your phone “Documents” folder. You can also use Microsoft’ “OneDrive” if you have account and “OneDrive” app installed.

   Every newly created Family Tree has only one person in it with symbolic name “Mr.XYZ” and a brief explanation of how to modify Family Tree. All other new person' templates created consist of person name and person biography both filled with meaningless but unique text.

   Sometimes user sees disabled button with red cross on it, like this one: . Long-press (extended touch) on such a button shows the reason for that if app setting “Need disabled controls explanation” is ON.