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   Q: Is there an option to share Family Tree to any social site?
   A: No, this app doesn’t support such an option.

   Q: How to share Family Tree with other people?
   A: This app as well as any other family tree related application is using proprietary file format, because of that person, you want to share with, should have Family Tree Designer installed too, after that you can share Family Tree files using app’ importing and exporting functionalities.

   Q: Is there a way to print out all the individuals in the tree at once?
   A: Yes, just select any individual to modify, click on “Print”, choose printer and “All in this tree” printing option.

   Q: Is there a way to import Family Tree created by some other software?
   A: Yes, please try "Import GEDCOM" functionality.

   Q: Is current version the final one?
   A: No, we will continue fixing issues and improving our app.

   Q: What is the difference between this app and Family Tree Designer, are they compatible?
   A: Family Tree Designer is built on the latest software technology targeting broad range of Windows 10 devices. Both apps are fully compatible.

   Q: Is it OK to have both apps, this one and Family Tree Designer, installed on the same computer?
   A: Yes. They will not share trees unless you export tree from one app in order to import this tree to another app. Also, please export trees if you decide to uninstall any of apps.

   Q: How to save my trees if I decide to uninstall or reinstall this app?
   A: In this case you have to import your trees using our app “Import Family Tree” functionality: all coming versions of our app will be backward compatible.
   Q: Is there a way to keep track of progress-to-date on the Tree I’m working on?
   A: Yes, each Tree has accompanied information: date Tree was created and date Tree was last modified. Other than that, there is a text notes user can write and save. There are two buttons on the right of the notes to prevent these notes from accidental modification. Please use “More” button to get there:
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