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   First time created printout view has person’ information, name and bibliography, partially copied from the currently opened Family Tree – the limits are up to 64 first characters of the person’ name and up to 512 of the first characters of the person’ bibliography.
Family Tree
   Person information can be easily “in-place” modified and these modifications will be saved along with the Family Tree itself. As while Family Tree itself modification modified but unsaved tree name is marked with an asterisk at the end.
Family Tree
   Person information can be also easily reloaded by selecting person’ template using the same technique while Family Tree itself modification and selecting the only Popup Menu item “Reload”.
Family Tree
Family Tree
   Currently our App is capable to create printout view for 3 sizes of printer paper and 4 different persons template sizes which is surely enough to find the best tradeoff between amount of Family Tree information and physical printout size and orientation.
   Please note: because of amount information fit to different Template Sizes is different, App stores each individual’ printout information per person’ Template Size.