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   While preparing Family Tree printout zooming feature becomes very useful, it works exactly like while working with Family Tree itself and explained on “How to view tree” page.
Family Tree
   In addition, printout view top app bar has the “Sync” button. This button working in toggle mode will replace for about 10 seconds white background of the person templates which are never changes since created in the current Family Tree.
   Fig.1 shows the example of how this feature works – for your information, all the individuals’ information except one was never modified in the process of printout preparation and consists of default information copied from current Family Tree.
   Please note: the rule of thumb while preparing Family Tree printout is what you see is what will be printed out.
Family Tree
   If X-Large and only X-Large Template Size is chosen individual’ photo, if available, will be printed out too; photo can be removed by selecting it and pressing “Delete” on keyboard or by double click or double tap on it.