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   To modify person photos app editing mode must be enabled and one only person must be selected. Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on this selected person template invokes popup menu and its "Modify/Print Person" menu item opens top app bar with "Photos".
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   "Photos" button brings to you the frame to control person photo album with already existing photos, if any, and the buttons to add ("+") or remove ("-") photo.
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   To add photo just click on "+" and select the image from your local drive or remote location. Optimal image size for photo is 1024 x 768 pixels; supported formats are: ".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg" and ".bmp". After photos appeared inside the album you can put some notes for this photo.
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   To remove photo select it and click on "-".
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   Person photo album may consist of up to 8 photos. leftmost photo is default and will be printed out along with other person information.
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   Photos can be reordered using Drag and Drop technique. Photo needs to be draged partially outside of photo album frame
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   While dropping, photo which will be replaced indicates its readiness to be replaced by jumping slightly up meaning "I'm ready to give up my place".
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   Reordering successfully finished.
   Please note: while reordering photo can move left, only, because of that you cannot drop photo on the left of default one.
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   To go back and continue with other than photos person information modification just click on Back button. If you are finished with person information editing right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on any free of people templates Family Tree space. It'll dismisses top app bar and automatically saves person information modifications.
   You can look through the photos in person photo album exactly like you are doing it in contemporary internet browsers and applications: use semitransparent up and down arrows appearing on mouse moving over the photo or "Swipe to select" touch gesture described here on the touchscreen.