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Family Tree
   Family tree is constantly growing and becomes cumbersome to view and modify. App allows user to branch out part of the existing tree into new family tree. Branching always starts from child having at least one sibling or partner.
Family Tree
   Branching begins with selecting the person to start branching, activating this person by double click or double tap until border becomes blinking in red, clicking right mouse or press and hold to invoke popup menu and select “Modify/Print Tree” menu item.
Family Tree
   When top app bar is visible “Branch Out” button click initiate branching out which can take a while depending on the tree size.
Family Tree
   When selecting is finished all the selected for new branch individual templates will have border blinking in red. Right mouse click or press and hold on any of selected individuals invokes popup menu with the only menu item “Branch Out Into …”. Choosing this menu item allows user to save newly created branch into new family tree.    
Please note: while branching out App doesn’t modify existing tree but creates new tree.
Family Tree
   Saving new branch is identical to saving any tree in the App.
   Opening branch is identical to opening any tree in the App.