Family Tree Designer™

   Family Tree Designer as well as its predecessor app Family Tree Designer.8 is a simple app which allows user to build Family Tree as a graphical and textual presentation of genealogical or family history research. Only four types of relationship between people may be used to compose any family tree, they are partners, parents, children and siblings, all other information can be part of individual’s biography.
   Family Tree built by this app can be exported and imported as a file so user can invite other family members to add information, expanding the branches with each birth or wedding. These files have proprietary file format to ensure security information while transferring it to other family member.
Family Tree

   Family Tree Designer has the view only mode allowing user to disable editing mode to avoid accidental unintentional Family Tree modification; to change this mode user need to open app settings located on the right side of app title:
Family Tree
   Family tree editing toggle switch enables or disables Family Tree modification:
Family Tree
Family Tree

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