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   Q: What is the difference between Family Tree Maker.10 and Family Tree Designer, are they compatible?
   A: Starting from version 4.4.5 released in July 2017, Family Tree Maker.10 was renamed to Family Tree Designer. We believe such a name much better reflects our app unique functionalities and puts our app aside of family trees software crowd.
There's absolutely no difference between these two apps except the name!

   Q: What is the difference between Family Tree Designer and its predecessor app Family Tree Designer.8, are they compatible?
   A: Family Tree Designer in opposite to its predecessor is built on the latest software technology targeting broad range of Windows 10 devices. Both apps are fully compatible.

   Q: Is it OK to have both apps, Family Tree Designer and its predecessor app Family Tree Designer.8, installed on the same computer?
   A: Yes. They will not share trees unless you export tree from one app in order to import this tree to another app. Also, please export trees if you decide to uninstall any of apps.

   Q: Is there an option to share Family Tree to any social site?
   A: Currently, Family Tree Designer has limited access to the Facebook.

   Q: Is there an option to share Family Tree as an image file?
   A: Yes, just follow the steps to print Family Tree and use “Save as image” button instead of actual printing.

   Q: How to share Family Tree with other people?
   A: This app as well as any other family tree related application is using proprietary file format, because of that person, you want to share with, should have Family Tree Designer installed too, after that you can share Family Tree files using app’ importing and exporting functionalities.

   Q: Is there a way to print out all the individuals in the tree at once?
   A: Yes, just select any individual to modify, click on “Print”, choose printer and “All in this tree” printing option.

   Q: Is there a way to import Family Tree created by some other software?
   A: Yes, please try "Import GEDCOM" functionality.

   Q: Is current version the final one?
   A: No, we will continue fixing issues and improving our app.
   Q: Is there a way to keep track of progress-to-date on the Tree I’m working on?
   A: Yes, each Tree has accompanied information: date Tree was created and date Tree was last modified. Other than that, there is a text notes user can write and save. There are two buttons on the right of the notes to prevent these notes from accidental modification. Please use “More” button to get there:
Family Tree
   Q: Is there a way to terminate long-running procedure?
   A: Yes, Entering time consuming procedure Family Tree Designer displays windows progress ring indicator on the center of the screen, right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on this indicator brings the dialog to terminate currently running procedure.

   Q: What are restrictions on Family Tree?
   A: Currently, amount of partners person may have is limited to eight (8) and amount of children is limited to sixteen (16), Family Tree size cannot exceed one thousand twenty four (1024) individuals. GEDCOM importing has a few additional restrictions.

   Q: Can this app to import and open family trees created by this App mobile companion – Windows Phone “Slim Family Tree Designer”?
   A: Definitely yes. These trees have some specifics and always marked by the Family Tree icon in front of tree names.