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   Our Family Tree Designer is using GEDCOM version 5.5 specifications to import genealogical information from the other applications. This procedure consists of automatic and manual stages.

Family Tree
   To begin importing genealogical information existing as GEDCOM file please use “More” button located on the right side of the bottom app bar and select the GEDCOM file through the “Find” button inside the “Import GEDCOM” section (Fig.1).
   According to the GEDCOM specification file should have “.ged” extension.

Family Tree
    Immediately after file is successfully opened actual automatic importing starts; it can take a while depending on the amount of individuals in the file. At this time App not only builds the suitable Tree but also populates personal information with the information found in the GEDCOM file and even fills in obviously missing gaps in the tree structure (Fig.2).
   Our App concatenates information from GEDCOM related fields like Citation, Source etc. in one paragraph separating those fields by semicolon as is, without any editing, e.g. any special html specific characters are not removed.
   Also, currently, images from GEDCOM files are not imported, yet.
   Our App has certain limitations on GEDCOM tree it can handle; currently imported family tree should have less than 4096 individuals in it. Our App presents the family tree in a form of grid where amount of rows or columns cannot exceed 1024.

Family Tree
   Automatic importing stage finishes with the tree created by our App from the information found in GEDCOM file (Fig.3).
   This tree can be modified exactly like it’s described in “Modify tree” section.