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   Family Tree Designer allows you to set the list of reminders. Every reminder ones created will inform you about event within coming 12 months starting and including the date you open the app.

Family Tree
   You can easily create up to 8 reminders per every person in the tree – just activate the person you are interesting in, select “Edit Person” popup menu item and click on the “Remind” button. (Fig.1).

Family Tree
   Very simple to use reminders editor has tree buttons to add, remove and modify reminders. You start from adding reminder by selecting corresponding (+) button. (Fig.2).

Family Tree
   Here you can set month, day and optionally the short notes about event you want to be reminded every year. There is no need to enter person name or other identity – the app will take care of that for you. (Fig.3).

Family Tree
   After “Save” button clicked saved reminder will be listed in this person reminders list. (Fig.4).

Family Tree
   Any selected reminder in the person reminders list can be removed or edited. To leave reminders editor just click on back button (Fig.5).