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   Merging individuals utilizes “Viewing Multiple Family Trees” functionality therefore is available for desktop app users only, yet. So far you can merge one person at-a-time. App does not remove individual you are merging from the tree.

Family Tree
   Open the tree you want to merge individual from in view-only mode - just click on “View” icon and select the Tree. Please note: currently opened for modification Tree cannot be open in view-only mode. (Fig.1).

Family Tree
   Find the individual you want to merge on the tree you just opened in view-only mode and make it active by double click or double tap on it till person border becomes blinking in red. (Fig.2).

Family Tree
   Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on selected person template invokes popup menu with “Merge” menu item. (Fig.3).

Family Tree
   “Merge” menu item opens top app bar with all the buttons needed like it’s done when you modify tree, the only difference is you are going to merge individual from another tree instead of adding new one. (Fig.4).

Family Tree
   Next step is to select the place in the tree, relationship, of the person you are about to merge and select corresponding button on the top app bar. (Fig.5).