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Family Tree
Family Tree
   To modify Family Tree app editing mode must be enabled and one or two persons must be selected. Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on any selected person template invokes popup menu and its "Modify/Print Tree" menu item opens top app bar with all the buttons needed including Undo button allowing user to go up to three steps back in Family Tree modification.
Family Tree

   Current Family Tree Designer version has some restrictions on the Family Tree modifications user can do and some of them are pretty obvious, like adding parents to the person having parents already. Also, amount of partners person may have is limited to eight and amount of children is limited to sixteen. In any cases, every disabled button displays the reason why it is disabled. Family Tree size cannot exceed one thousand twenty four individuals.
   Leftmost “Print Tree” button brings another screen dedicated to printing the whole Family Tree out.

   Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on any free of people templates Family Tree space dismisses top app bar and automatically saves Family Tree modifications.