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   To modify person information app editing mode must be enabled and one only person must be selected. Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on this selected person template invokes popup menu and its "Modify/Print Person" menu item opens top app bar with all the controls needed including undo button allowing user to go up to three steps back in person information modification.
Family Tree
   Using top app bar user can modify both fields of person information: name and biography. Selected segment of person information can be formatted to be bold or italic in toggle mode.
   Hyperlink also can be applied to the selected segment - app doesn't test the validity of the entered web address but “http:” or “https:” prefix is required. Hyperlink cannot be overwritten, it should be removed, first, to remove existing hyperlink select the corresponding segment and enter empty hyperlink.
   Adding, replacing and removing photo also available. Optimal image size for photo is 1024 x 768 pixels.
Family Tree
   There are two list boxes on the right of the person’ template – list with borders and text colors. Those allow person name decoration and become enabled when any portion of the person name is selected; color applies to the whole person name regardless of selection.

   Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on any free of people templates Family Tree space dismisses top app bar and automatically saves person information modifications.
   Top app bar will also be dismissed after about 15 seconds of user inactivity.