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   Right mouse click or press and hold on touch screen on any free of people templates Family Tree space invokes bottom application bar with file handling and zoom control buttons.
Family Tree
   “Save As Tree” button allows user to save current Family Tree as a new one or to replace existing already.
   Please note: saving tree doesn’t create file you can share with other people – please use exporting to share!
Family Tree
   “Open Tree” button allows user to open one of the existing already Family Tree.
   Family Tree Designer also opens and modifies family trees created by the this App mobile companion – Windows Phone “Slim Family Tree Maker.10”, these trees have some specifics and always marked by the icon in front of tree name.
   Please note: to open tree created by others and shared with you tree should be imported first!

   To make a new Family Tree just press corresponding button, newly created Family Tree has unique random name; please note that current app version supports up to 32 Family Trees, only.

   “More” button shows the controls to delete tree - you can delete any existing Family Tree from the app repository except currently open one.