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Family Tree
   All created Family Trees stay inside app repository, on the user hard drive. To backup, view or edit Family Tree on another computer it needs to be exported, “More” button shows the controls to excess this functionality. App is exporting Family Trees which you already saved through “Save” or “Save As” buttons.
   In order for Family Tree to be accessible by this App mobile companion – Windows Phone “Slim Family Tree Maker” App, Tree needs to be exported to the Microsoft cloud storage OneDrive (
   To ensure Family Tree information privacy app is using proprietary imported file format, such a file can be read by the same Family Tree Designer, only!

   There are two files extensions used by Family Tree Designer and its mobile companion: “.ftf” and “.ftm”. Family tree files created by latest versions of the App mobile companion “Slim Family Tree Maker.10” have “.ftm” extension.
   Please note: app will not automatically open successfully imported Family Tree file, but will add it to the app repository instead so you can work on one Family Tree while importing another one simultaneously.
   While importing Tree please be aware that current app version supports up to thirty two Family Trees.

   “More” button also shows all the controls to import previously exported Family Tree file, delete any existing Family Tree from the app repository except currently open, modify current Family Tree properties and import genealogical information existing as GEDCOM files.