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Family Tree
   To modify Family Tree app editing mode must be enabled and one or two persons only must be selected.

Family Tree
   When app first time starts or when user creates new Family Tree app presents person’s template with brief explanation of how to modify Family Tree. All other new person' templates created consist of two placeholders for person name and person biography both filled with meaningless but unique text.

Family Tree
   To modify Family Tree or the person’ information app editing mode must be enabled and the person must be selected. Double tap on the person makes this person selected with border blinking in red. Person selection goes away in certain time of user inactivity.

Family Tree
   Tap and hold on selected person template invokes popup menu with two menu items: "Modify Tree" and "Modify Person". When two persons are selected only "Modify Tree" menu item is available.

Family Tree
   When “Modify Tree” menu item is selected user can add new or remove existing person. Which operation is enabled depends on selected person status and how many persons selected at a time.

Family Tree
   To create new Family Tree please use Application Bar “New” button, newly created Family Tree has meaningless but unique random name.