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Family Tree
   To modify person photos app editing mode must be enabled and person information editor must be opened as described in “…how to modify person information”. Button "Photos" opens person photos editor (Fig.1).
Family Tree
   There are two buttons to add ("+") or remove ("-") photo. To add photo just tap on "+" and select the image from your local drive or remote location.
   Optimal image size for photo is 1024 x 768 pixels; supported formats are: ".png", ".jpeg", ".jpg" and ".bmp". After photos appeared inside the album you can put some notes for this photo.
   Person photo album may consist of up to 8 photos, leftmost photo is default.
   Photos can be reordered using Drag and Drop technique. Photo needs to be dragged partially outside of photo album frame. (Fig.2).
   Back button terminates photos editing and brings you back to the person information editor.